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Big decisions rely on in-store execution and merchandizing data from Trax. That’s why we have created a suite of analytics tools which give you the power and flexibility to explore, analyse and visualise our data in the best way possible. Whether it’s interactive dashboards, self-service analytics, or customized advisory bespoke to your business, Trax By Design helps you unlock growth opportunities in every store.

Trax By Design gives you access to shelf insights to unlock growth opportunities in every store with smarter and better executed merchandizing and promotion strategies.


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Ready-to-use BI dashboards designed to provide actionable insights at speed and at ease.

Visualize your most important KPIs
and understand your performance.

Monitor trends over time
to spot changes in your performance.

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A set of self-service BI tools that allows you the flexibility to build your own dashboards and visualize your shelf data to fit the specific needs of your organization.

Create customized dashboards
using analytic apps and widgets based on pre-built templates

Perform root cause analysis
to identify opportunities for growth.

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Customized insights delivered on-demand to provide a diagnostic understanding of the opportunities waiting for your business

Get a bespoke shelf insights service
to address burning questions and immediate sales execution opportunities

Shorten time to insight
with dashboards and reports designed to enable in-cycle actions at shelf

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Consultative analytics service delivering tailored strategies to optimize in-store execution and accelerate brand and category growth.

Create value for your key accounts
In-store execution data combines with multiple data sources to give you insights you can rely on in key account negotiations and create value for clients.

Be shown hidden shelf opportunities
With Trax Advisory, the combined insight and experience of our Retail Advisory Partners reveals key information which drives competitive commercial advantage and growth.

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Trax By Design Assortment and Space

Assortment & Space

How to optimize your category assortment using shelf data

Trax By Design Merchandizing Principles

Merchandizing Principles

Eye level is buy level: The importance of in-store product placement

Trax By Design The Analytics Revolution

The Analytics Revolution

Reclaiming CPG growth with analytics and insights                                   

Why Trax By Design?


Access easy, intuitive insights

Transform your data into on-demand, integrated and accessible insights to drive real-time impact.

Know your store  

Find out execution gaps in in-store plans before executing against them.

Offer seamless view of data insights

Facilitate stakeholder analytics demands through customized views or modular pillars.

“The onus is on us to build truly consumer-centric organizations, and companies are doing that by using data to understand buyer journeys, mapping path to purchase to moments of conversion and use insights to influence consumers in real-time. This is the new form of consumer-centricity.”


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