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Sales Activation


Our trained workforce visits store managers to sell in additional SKUs and activate brands. This is ideal for decentralized retailers.

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Merchandising & Execution

Our on-demand workforce maximizes sales by ensuring key items are available for sale on shelves, end-caps, and displays.

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Retail Data & Intelligence

Store-level data and photos are available in our dashboard for complete transparency, trends and analytics, and more

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Demo & Brand


Our platform connects clients to teams of trained brand ambassadors, for a unique Experiential Marketing solution.

We work with 400+ CPG clients, ranging from emerging brands to some of the world's largest companies.


What our clients say:

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 Doreen Gubernaut-Hogan

 Senior Director of Sales, GoMacro


"We value and appreciate the Survey's skillful leadership, strategy and execution at store level. We respect Survey’s business savvy, sincerity, passion and friendly collaborative approach to achieve our
objectives. This partnership continues to enhance our brand."

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Steve Mair

Director of Sales, Califia Farms


"Retail conditions can change regularly, so it’s key to have people in-store reviewing displays, re-merchandising product displays on a
regular basis and identifying in-store execution issues. We worked with to identify the highest-volume locations for weekly
continuity coverage and maintenance of our product displays. Through data and image reporting from the team, we are able to quickly identify and address issues."

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 Gwen Burlingame

 Co-founder, Beckon Ice Cream


"We've been very happy with the relationship we've created with and view them as a critical part of our team. Our account manager is responsive, collaborative, and keeps us informed. The brand ambassadors take pride in learning about Beckon and communicating our story effectively to customers in stores. We feel confident in how they will represent the brand and that customers will have a good experience. Best of all, the team is constantly looking for feedback to make the customer experience better and more collaborative."