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Trax is truly re-imagining retail execution as compared to that of traditional sales agencies and brokers. 

Our model allows our clients to: 

  • Personalized -Leverage an on-demand, skilled workforce. 
  • Data ledSales data and Trax shelf data drives the store visit
  • FastEnjoy a service that can be deployed in hours/just a few days
  • AgileOn Demand! Rep visits the store when there is a problem to fix whenever they are needed
  • TailoredDeploy service dedicated only to your brand
  • CoverageCoverage in stores/regions your current provider cannot/will not service
  • Transparency100% quality-control checked store visits, real-time dashboard reporting
  • Accuracy of Shelf DataUnarguable data - the shelf measured via Trax, the global leaders in Image Recognition
  • ROIGenerate verified ROI for your retail execution spend

Retail has changed but merchandising has stayed the same for decades... until now.

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Organic Kombucha Manufacturer

A burgeoning beverage manufacturer uses Dynamic Merchandising for greater visibility across stores, a firmer grasp on buyer behavior and to understand how shelf conditions are evolving. The kombucha brand launched into 900 stores nationally, with a small sales team. Managing tight deadlines and a new nation-wide retail footprint, the team needed help for the “sprint to the shelf”.


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Rethinking Retail Execution

2020 brought plenty of challenges for many industries. But when it comes to retail execution, most of the issues were already on the radar, and the changing environment over the last 12 to 15 months has brought them into focus and delivered a sense of urgency. What has changed, and how can brands respond?


Leading Oils

Leading Oils and Dressings Manufacturer

This leading F&B brand grew rapidly across brick-and-mortar retail channels using a three-tier manufacturer - distributor - retailer model. Their avocado-based oils, spreads and dressings appealed to shoppers in club, grocery, and specialty stores, now found in more than 40,000 stores.