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Availability starts with measuring the shelf reality facing shoppers. There’s never been a more critical time to ensure that the products shoppers need most are in store and in the right quantity. To address today’s challenges, retailers need to rethink store operations to drive productivity while safeguarding store staff. This transformation begins at the shelf.

Trax automates the measurement of on-shelf availability with Computer Vision powered shelf cameras and robots. This unlocks multi million dollar revenue and cost saving benefits. 

Trax shelf insights and retail reports

Trax’s product availability data provides a unique opportunity to understand how panic shopping during the COVID-19 outbreak is reflected on the shelf. Discover the current retail reality and prepare your stores for the new normal.

US COVID-19 Shelf Reality Report

Survey Report: Shelf reality in the US during COVID-19                        

A study on impact of COVID-19 on in-store merchandising conditions in US retail                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Computer Vision save retailers from costly in-tire execution

How Computer Vision can save retailers from costly in-store execution issues

David Gottlieb (MD, Trax Americas) and  Deborah Weinswig (CEO, Coresight Research) discuss how autonomous shelf monitoring can help retailers

Retail digital transformation using IoT, AI and AR

Retail digital transformation starts at the shelf

Learn how technologies like IoT, AI and AR are driving a step change in operational efficiency and improving the core shopping experience                                                                                                       

Retail Landing Page Data

Retail Pulse: Categories hardest hit by COVID-19

We looked at Trax data to see how different categories are performing on shelf during the crisis

Retail Landing Page Inventory

Retail Pulse: State of the shelf in the US during COVID-19

A look at assortment and on-shelf inventory across different categories, regions and retailers in the US

Retail Landing Page Shelves

Retail Pulse: Shelf space utilization during COVID-19

We examine the importance of shelf utilization and fullness as a measure to improve replenishment

Analyst Quote

“Retailers who do not plan for product availability and fulfilment to match erratic and unpredictable consumer demand will be placing themselves at great risk of business failure.”


Finding the new normal with autonomous shelf monitoring

Build shock-proof, future-ready stores

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